Authenticity of Reviews

Got up late in the morning and grabbed breakfast from fridge, rushed to work while stuffing cold croissant in your mouth. While trying to run upstairs because the damn elevator wouldn’t just bing, twist your foot a bit. Have back to back meetings, got pissed off with a client and now you have to redo that stupid timeline..and all this while you forgot to have lunch! Finally when this hell of a day gets over you just want to eat at some place nice. You checkout reviews of a place and decide to go anaconda over the food. But when the food arrives, you find it a bit less spicy, the place is swarming with people laughing, talking crazy loud and you get all mad!! You post a review, “I am never going to come here ever..never ever!! This place is noisy, congested and the food is bland, as opposed what they (owners) claim….blah……blah…#****##**>>>!” and you go to bed then. Was this massacre well deserved?

We checkout reviews of just about any services or products we intend to use, in fact we read long reviews  of places we plan to visit just to make sure that it is ‘alright’ simply by word of a complete stranger. While this might be a good idea if the reviews are “relatively honest” or are a true comprehension of one’s experience but what if they are simply not true??

We all well about the good “fake” reviews posted by your PR people, etc. but bad dishonest review specifically harms a business for example a jealous business competitor or your ex or your that cousin with whom you never got along, decides to write how much they hate you in a review about your up and coming cafe!!

As a consumer we must read all the reviews objectively analyze if the service we seek matches up to our requirement and is not simply unsuitable to us because it is to some XYZ person. As the consumer getting more and more active in posting reviews and expressing uninhibitedly their opinions, it becomes difficult to know what is correct and honest. 73993e043c3094614f257144d7fab9bf



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