GRE before wedding!

If you have your wedding 2 months after your GRE – you likely sweating out! With the H4-EAD visa many Indian women can work and/or got to school in the US after getting married. It is a popular belief that Masters from the US gets you better work opportunities as compared to your education from Indian Universities (no matter how prestigious it might be!!).

You might have heard that prepping for GRE takes about good 6 months and you need to plan a lot in my experience, this is not entirely true! With smart planning you can get your GRE prep in 2 months, all you need is actually helpful study material and smart strategy..oh and TIME yourself!! Lets take on these one by one:

Study material:

  1. ETS guide – gives you insights and overall idea about the exam, but its not enough for you to practice
  2. Manhattan Prep material – Really rich source, enough to practice and cover up the syllabus.
  3. Word power made easy by Norman Lewis – it helps a lot to build basics and guess meaning of words you have not heard before.

Smart Strategy:

  1. Take a ETS practice test before you begin the prep, so as to know which section you are comfortable with and which sections need your attention.
  2. Practice Quant EVERYDAY
  3. Wordlists can get heavy if you try to learn all in a week, instead learn wordlist of 1 alphabet everyday. Revise previous day’s list too. This way, when you reach ‘Z’ you will not forget ‘A’ by then.
  4. Some say that you need to read newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ religiously for the reading comprehension passages in the exam. I don’t think its required, especially if you just have 2 months! Move on and practice from the prep books.
  5. The writing section from the exam is scored separately from your quant and English sections. Most schools don’t have a stringent score for it but anything above 3.5 is alright for science people. So, don’t sweat too much on it.

Timing yourself:

  1. What better than test series to time yourself, take Manhattan test series and follow the time limit seriously.
  2. Many sources available on the internet will tell you to take ‘so many’ seconds for each question, that does not help!!! Since, questions are a mix of difficulty levels, each question takes different amount of time to be completed. Also, you just cant keep looking at the watch or timer on your screen…it is DISTRACTING.
  3. Don’t dwell on questions that are taking you long to figure out.
  4. After every test, comprehensively analyze your score report, which parts of each section take you more time, this way you can improve on your weaknesses and not your strengths.

And there you are with your smart prep ready to take on your exam!!



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